Elaina is extremely compassionate and understands what you need to eat to nourish yourself. Get ready to feel empowered.

— Mark E.

If you want to feel better, and have no idea how to start, look no further. Elaina is a chef that is incredibly knowledgable about nutrition. She will help you create healthy meals you will love, and crave again and again.

— Angie M.

A yearly physical is what started it all. I had full blood-work with an A1C test for sugar and discovered that I had pre-diabetes. I was shocked! I was only 35! No one gets pre-diabetes at my age! This scared me straight and I saw a nutritionist as well as my doctor. Following their advice for several months, my blood work again came back as pre-diabetic. After consulting with Elaina, she provided me with a different approach to food and nutrition and sugar. She was there to listen to what I was eating at meals and gently educated me as to what would cause my blood sugar to spike or get high. She encouraged me, the no-exercise gal, to move at least a little bit – she worked with my limitations and habits which was very helpful because I felt empowered that I could do it.
After a year and a half of a new lifestyle change, and three blood tests later, my A1C test for sugar was 2 levels below the pre-diabetic point. I have been free of pre-diabetes since then and have gradually introduced forbidden foods in moderation and have still remained free of pre-diabetes. Elaina is intuitive, kind, and patient in educating me and walking me through the process. She will do wonders for you too.

— Alita C.

Chef Elaina creates customized meal plans that transform your favorite comfort foods into healthy bites.

— Zoie M.

I appreciated the ease of speaking to Elaina and the different recipes she provided. I especially loved learning about why I crave certain foods.

— Ann P.

At first I wanted to lose weight only because I was going on vacation. But, after getting coached by Elaina Lo, I realized that the healthy diet I had started was going to become my new lifestyle! Its been a rough new healthy lifestyle, but I am already not craving as many sweets. I started the diet on the first week of May. Its been a month and I’ve lost 8 pounds on diet alone and NO exercise, at least no exercise at the moment. May is my birthday month, so I cheated for pretty much the whole week, otherwise, I am most positive I would have lost over 10 lbs with the diet she coached me on. All I had to do was give Elaina my regular meals or favorite meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And voila, in less than a week I received an e-mail with tips and recipes on how to manage my diet. It’s been such a great pleasure working with her. I could send her a message with a random question and be sure to receive a response within the next day or so or even sooner. I am happy to know that I can now also help my children and husband incorporate a new healthier lifestyle in eating better. I definitely recommend anyone who wants to lose weight or just live a better healthier lifestyle to Elaina Lo.

— Jessica V.

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