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Diets are tedious and demotivating, and we all know that denying ourselves our favorite foods makes us miserable. So, why not ditch the diet and try the Food as Medicine (FAM) plan instead?

I’m an integrative health coach, former private chef, and an advocate for the powers of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

About me


We’ve all been there: too busy to cook healthy meals, with no time for exercise. Back when I was juggling a demanding job and full-time school, I hardly had a second to think about how I was treating my body. But, once I made a few small tweaks to my lifestyle, I realized just how easy it can be to take those first steps towards being happier and healthier. I learned that you can still enjoy all your family favorites and delicious snacks: all it takes is a few simple changes here and there.



I use my years of experience in food and nutrition to coach you on your journey towards the new you. I create tailor made plans featuring more nutritious versions of all the things you love to eat, and will provide tips and support every step of the way. By working together, we will achieve your health goals.

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Taking the first step towards a happier, healthier lifestyle is always the toughest part. But, you’re just a few moments away from starting your journey towards feeling fit, energized and full of self-confidence.

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